All week I have been worried that my bank account would be overdrawn.

See, we didn’t have enough money to pay our phones and the electric bill this week.

Both are pretty necessary, right?

Well, Monday our phones were cut off. Since we all work/go to different places during the day and keep in touch with each other constantly, we had no choice but to pay the bill. That left us with enough money for some food, gas, and other necessities we may need during the week.

What do you know, electric came out today. Our electric bill has been about $300/month. Somehow, by God’s amazing grace, it was less than $200 this month. Do you know what that means? Yeah, it overdrew our bank account… but we actually had enough money to cover it. PRAISE JESUS. If it had been the same amount it has been every other month, we would be sitting in the red the rest of the week.

Not only that, but I was supposed to go to the store after work for just a couple of things. I wasn’t feeling so good so I didn’t. Know what happened…? Another bill came out we weren’t expecting. But you know what, we were able to cover that bill too. We all have less than $1 in our accounts, but we aren’t overdrawn… miraculously.

See, God gives us miracles that we don’t even take time to realize. Had any other bill come out, we would have been overdrawn. Had the electric bill been the same it has been for the past 6 months, we would have been overdrawn. Had I gone to the store after work, we would have been overdrawn. But God’s funny little meticulous plan has enabled us to go to sleep not worrying how we will cover the overdraft fees. Instead, we get to thank Him for blessing us with smaller bills and gracing us with keeping our accounts in the black. How great He is.

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