Genesis: Chapter 6

Noah and the Ark

  • The men and women of the world were wicked and had evil imaginations and thinking. God was so disappointed and the people were so awful that He regretted making men and was “grieved at heart”. (Genesis 6:6)
  • God saw that humanity had lost their direction and were all corrupt, but Noah was still faithful and found favor with God.
  • So God told Noah to build an ark of gopher or cypress wood, make rooms (stalls, pens, coops, etc) and cover it with pitch (bitumen).
    • Length: 300 cubits = 450 feet
    • Breadth: 50 cubits = 75 feet
    • Height: 30 cubits = 45 feet
    • There was to be a window for light/ventilation at least 18 inches (1 cubit) above
    • A door on the side
    • 3 stories tall
  • God told Noah He was going to flood the entire earth and destroy everything that wasn’t on the ark – people, creatures, animals… everything!
  • God told Noah to take food and store it – Noah did everything God told him to do.
    • The rest of the world was doing something completely different from Noah, yet Noah still chose to listen to God. Sometimes, listening to God and doing the right thing doesn’t always agree with what the world is saying to do. We have to remember that we were put on this earth to serve God, not men. Men won’t determine where we live for eternity, but God will. Men can’t do miracles and change impossible situations and make them a reality, God can. We depend on God for our lives, our needs, our wants… so we have to live to serve and do what is right by Him, no matter what the world is telling us.

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